' Delaplane Cellars - The Environment

The Environment

In the Tasting Room…

The water cups are made from corn.
The napkins, paper towels and restroom paper are made of recycled paper from Seventh Generation.
Our hand soap is scent free and is environmentally friendly.
We installed hand dryers in the restroom to reduce the landfill.
The Light Fare we offer is from local farmers and bakers.
All our crystal, glassware, plates and flatware are reusable and are sanitized in a commercial high temperature, Energy Star warewasher.
The tasting bar, doors, front steps, flooring, future fireplace and retaining walls come from trees, wood and stone walls that were on the property and removed during the development of the vineyards and the winery.
We use vinegar whenever possible to clean. It works and does not damage the environment.
When you purchase wine in our tasting room you receive a reusable cloth wine tote.
Most of our lighting is fluorescent or LED.


In the Vineyards…..

We only use 100% Virginia wine grapes in the production of our wine.
We partner with, and respect the farmers that are in our family of Winegrowers.
We understand that great wine comes from great grapes in great locations and this is a result of the men and woman that own and work these Virginia vineyards.
We compost the pomace and return it to the vineyard.

During Development…

Our building was designed and positioned to maximize the natural resources of the sun and earth. Our wine production area and barrel room are substantially underground which minimizes our energy use. We have passive solar heat during the winter from our southern window exposure.
Our windows are Energy Star and designed to maximize cross ventilation.
Our HVAC systems are Energy Star and have a 15 SEER rating.
We use almost exclusively local trades during all phases of the development of our vineyards and winery.
Sherwin Williams Green Sure paints were used throughout the tasting room.
Water based sealers were used on the wood flooring.

Our Valley

We are fortunate to live, farm and realize our dream in the historic Crooked Run Valley which is not only breathtaking in its beauty but has significant roots in history. For more information regarding the valley and Sky Meadow State Park please reference the websites below.
Mosby Heritage Area – www.mosbyheritagearea.org
Fauquier County – www.fauquiertourism.com

Our Neighbors

When you visit our vineyards and winery you cannot help but notice the farms in this rural valley. These are homes to people like you and I and we wish to respect their land as they respect ours. To that end we ask you to abide by the speed limit of 45 MPH.  Relax and enjoy the beauty of a visit to Virginia Wine Country.